I know as Administrators and Coaches you supply the student/athlete and parents with a great deal of information about getting recruited and you do a very good job. However, I am in the homes of athletes 3 or 4 times a week and I find they always ask the same types of question.  Knowing this, I developed a Seminar for all student/athletes and their parent or guardians.  It is information whereby I try to bring all the pieces together so that they can put together an effective PLAN to help their son or daughter get recruited.




Being recruited in today’s world is becoming more and more confusing and complex.  There are so many different colleges, so many different rules, so many different scholarships so many different everything.  One of the first statements I usually get from parents when we first sit down to talk is, “we have no idea where to start”. The mission of this seminar is to help parents, students/athletes and any interested parties to learn how to navigate through the recruiting process so ultimately their son or daughter will find a place to play where they can compete, get a good education and succeed. The following questions will be discussed:



  • What are the different college levels?
  • What are the different entry requirements?
  • What types of financial aide can you expect?
  • What are some of the recruiting priorities of the different institutions?
  • What questions to ask the coaches?



  • What rules and regulations do I need to be aware of?
  • How do I communicate with the NCAA?
  • What forms do I need to complete and when?
  • Can I get a written copy of items from the NCAA?
  • How does the NCAA rules apply to the different college levels?


  • How do I get recruited?
  • Determining at what level I can successfully play?
  • Setting up a plan to reach your goals that gets best results and costs the least amount of time and money
  • Doing what it takes to be prepared to play at the next level?
  • What do college coaches look for in an athlete?