Can We Help?

You obviously came to this web site because, as a good athlete, you want to play at the college level. You have taken the first step in making that goal come true. In order to get recruited, there is one underlying principle and that is VISIBILITY. No matter how you go about getting recruited you must be seen and you must be seen by a lot of coaches. So how do you know if a computer generated program can help? You just look at how many touches you have experienced from college coaches in the last year and ask yourself if there was enough touches that you will have options at signing time or are there going to be one or two options available, if any. If this is the case, then this Program will definitely help you.

The Software will provide college coaches with a complete profile of you for their review, you can include a video, you can include recommendations from your coaches, you can include transcripts, you can e-mail any coach in the US, you can communicate with college coaches through the program, I will do a personal performance evaluation of you, I will assist you in setting up and train you in the program, I will be available to answer questions when necessary, all paper work necessary through the NCAA is available and a time line on when it needs to be completed and where to send it is also available.

You really cannot hope to get recruited nor can you wish to be recruited, you have to become pro-active and take the initiative to do what it takes to find a place to play ball get a good education and be successful. It just does not happen you have to work at it. So take the time now to hit the enroll button and start yourself on the road to success